“If finding treasure provokes radical response AND we have not made a radical response THEN we have not found the treasure.” – Pastor Norm Poehlke

Who is on the throne of your life? God or Me? 

Jesus, sit on the throne of my life. Help me deny myself and take up my cross, following you.

What can my life do for the kingdom of God?

Maybe it is to forgive, to love, or to care.




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September 13, 2013

Feeling alone? Read this one pager.


John Piper lays out that the Six Stages of Redemptive History support this claim…that everything done is for the glory of God. Let me know what you think.

1. Predestination – Ephesians 1:3-6

(Why did God predestine me? According to His purpose, to the praise of the glory of His grace)

2. Creation – Isaiah 43:6-7

(Why were you created? “Created for God’s glory…you display God’s glory”)

3. Incarnation – Romans 15:8-9

4. Propitiation – Romans 3:25-26

5. Sanctification – Philippians 3:25-26

(Paul asks God to do these things for His glory)

6. Consummation – 2 Thessalonians 1:9-10

Life is much more simple when looking into my son’s eyes.

Awesome Quote

July 10, 2013

I recently read a book called Desiring God by John Piper and enjoyed the following quote. I hope it is equally encouraging for you! My prayer is that my son glorifies God as he finds his happiness in Him and expresses and shares it with others.

“Christian Hedonism is a philosophy of life built on the following five convictions:

1. The longing to be happy is a universal human experience, and it is good, not sinful.

2. We should never try to deny or resist our longing to be happy, as though it were a bad impulse. Instead, we should seek to intensify this longing and nourish it with whatever will provide the deepest and most enduring satisfaction.

3. The deepest and most enduring happiness is found only in God. Not from God, but in God.

4. The happiness we find in God reaches its consummation when it is shared with others in the manifold ways of love.

5. To the extent that we try to abandon the pursuit of our own pleasure,  we fail to honor God and love people. Or, to put it positively: The pursuit of pleasure is a necessary part of all worship and virtue. That is: The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.”

Pretending to bite my son’s hands does two things:
1. It creates a playful moment which is picture perfect.
2. It subconsciously teaches Emerson if he touches something he is not suppose to, there is a chance that his dad might really bite his hand off. ‪#‎Pavlovsdog‬

Raising a son to be a gentlemen starts in infancy. It means loving and respecting his mom, Elisa Rose and humbly submitting before God, daily. And for those reasons, Elisa gets a back & foot rub and the three of us pray together every night.